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Bound for Glory is a zine that started in 2018 - Many talented artists work together each year to bring you a gay and kinky furry magazine that has it all: Spicy pinups, fun comics, and alluring supporter spot opportunities.

Take a moment to check out the individual artists working on the zine, as well as the option to grab your own digital copy - just click on the volume you want to check out!


About us

Bound for Glory is a gay furry bondage magazine published by Snofu in cooperation with Kyrosh and DampfLoque. The first volume was released in time for Eurofurence 2018 and had 44 pages of content provided by eight very talented artists.

In 2021 Bound for Glory held its first Indiegogo Campaign to cover costs and up the compensation for all of the 17 artists participating. With each passing year, we are interested in improving the zines quality and allowing for better compensation for our artists - but it wouldn't be possible without our amazing readers!

Thank you!

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